Florian Rhodes®


Each Florian Rhodes item we make begins with our locally sourced New Zealand cowhides, oilskin waxed cotton, and the leather that we will use.  Each cowhide is hand-cut into a unique pattern that we take a lot of time over to ensure what we cut will make a perfect finished product.   The most exciting aspect of what we do is seeing natural, raw materials become something, useful, beautiful and cherished.     All our bags and accessories are made in New Zealand and we are dedicated to producing unique designs, quality workmanship and using beautiful leather.  It is our aim to provide you with; beautiful origin(al) pieces that will provide you with enjoyment for many years;  great travel accessories that were well designed and made to last; and foster a passion for pieces made from natural materials. 


The origin of many of our designs is a 50 year old archive of patterns hardware and embellishment's that were part of the original Florian business. They serve as continual inspiration along with my collection of vintage Florian leather bags.  We will be opening our new Vintage shop section shortly.